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Since 2001, Shenheng Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the well-known "capital of China's electrical appliances", Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, adjacent to the coast of the East China Sea and Oujiang River in the South and Yandang Mountain, a national scenic spot of "wonderful beauty in the world" in the north. It is one of the professional production enterprises specializing in the production of high and low voltage switch transmission and distribution equipment and high and low voltage electrical components. We are one of the excellent suppliers of State Grid of China. The products produced by the company, such as transformers, fully insulated and fully sealed inflatable cabinet (SF6 ring main unit), environmental protection gas ring main unit, intelligent solid insulated ring main unit, outdoor high-voltage cable branch box and prefabricated substation. We have strong technical R&D team and perfect after-sales service system, stable and reliable quality, and we are deeply trusted and recognized by our customers.

The Main Products

The main products manufactured by the enterprise include 10~35kV amorphous transformer, 10~35kV oil immersed transformer, 10~35kV dry transformer, prefabricated substation (America type and Europe type), ring main unit, high-voltage switch-gear, cable branch box,  JP cabinet, low-voltage switch-gear, circuit breaker on column, primary and secondary integration into ring cage, primary and secondary integration circuit breaker on column and other power transmission and distribution equipment.

Our Strengths

For a long time, the enterprise has also provided high-quality complete sets of power transmission and distribution devices and electrical control equipment for various industries such as metallurgy, shipbuilding, electric power, mining, intelligent buildings, high-rise buildings, hospitals, colleges and universities. The enterprise has strong technical force, sophisticated process equipment, advanced and perfect testing means, and its products sell well all over the country, which has won the favor and praise of the majority of users.

Mission And Purpose


Construct our Home with Safety and  Happiness

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Enterprise History And Main Business Scope

The development course
Customer Area
Service System
The development course
  • NOW

    ·Shared wisdom, Shenheng, achieving a future pattern, Writing a New Chapter for National Electric Power Construction Services

  • 2021

    · Aiming to create an international brand,Facing the New Century, Continuously Expanding and Advancing

  • 2020

    · Shenheng Electric Power optimizes its after-sales service system,Reasonably allocate talent resource layout

  • 2019

    · Shenheng Electric Power has its own professional research and development team,Provide one-stop product supporting solutions for complete power transmission and distribution systems

  • 2018

    · Shenheng Electric Power never forgets its original intention and continues to research core technologies, Gain customer trust

  • 2017

    ·The company is developing steadily and steadily,Has a small reputation in the electrical field

  • 2016

    · The company's development scale has reached a new level, Obtained a series of honorary certificates

  • 2015

    · The company introduces advanced production equipment,Introducing professional and technical talents

  • 2014

    · Increase in the number of employees, Turnover increase

  • 2013

    · The development scale of the company is relatively small ,The President indicates the direction of the company's development

  • 2012

    · Shenheng Power Equipment Co., Ltd Registered capital of 150.8 million

  • 2001
  • Since 2001, the company has been established.
Customer Area

Shenheng Power Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to "integrity-based, continuous improvement, creating high-quality products and serving customers" With advanced sets of numerical control, laser and hydraulic production equipment and surface spraying assembly line operation, the enterprise has strong technical force, excellent process equipment, advanced and perfect testing institutions and instruments, and perfect production operation and quality assurance system. For a long time, the enterprise has been engaged in all kinds of metallurgy, shipbuilding, aerospace, electric power, mining, intelligent buildings and high-rise buildings Construction, hospital, cinema, transportation, textile, tobacco, aerospace, mechanical engineering and other major industries systematically provide high-quality complete sets of power transmission and distribution devices and electrical control equipment. Shenheng power's products are also widely used in national key projects and large enterprises, and sold to overseas markets. Shenheng power equipment is characterized by its accurate control, reliable performance and excellent performance Quality after-sales service has won high praise from users at home and abroad.

Service System

Shenheng Power l Equipment Co., Ltd. is equipped with professional engineering and technical personnel with professionalism, good skills and strong technical strength. The service organization sets up a 24-hour user hotline and ensures that all customers receive professional answers within 5 minutes. In case of emergency maintenance, Shenheng Power Equipment Co., Ltd. guarantees to arrive at the site to deal with faults within 24 hours. Shenheng power equipment has The company has established a perfect service system to realize its commitment to each user. It holds more than two "user training courses" for users every year The service goal of Shenheng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is to be recognized as the complete set of power transmission and distribution equipment company that is most considerate to customers in China. Through its unremitting efforts, customers regard the company's business and employees as easy to approach and reliable partners and friends. The service purpose of Shenheng power equipment Co., Ltd. is to put customers' interests first and pass Good service system makes Shenheng power products really make users feel at ease and satisfied. It is the wish of all our Shenheng power employees to sincerely praise: "Shenheng Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is our best partner".

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